Most end users today are accustomed to graphically rich applications. Even the most advanced programs may seem outdated to employees and customers without a modern user interface. Zortec's ZWIN Developer's Studio combines all the productivity benefits found in System Z, with an easy-to-use graphical user interface builder.

ZWIN allows programmers to quickly design, test, and deploy robust, graphical applications using all the modern Windows conventions including support for tabs, tree controls, grids, radio buttons and ActiveX controls. Wizards are included to help speed the UI development process. Best of all, the same code will run on any supported platform without recompiling.

Whether you want update the look and feel of an existing character-based application or need to quickly develop a GUI application from scratch, ZWIN is the ideal solution.

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Rapid GUI Development 

Modernize legacy apps with Windows controls

Wizards simplify program design

Seamless integration with other technologies

Platform Independent

Database Independent


Unlimited Deployment Options

Increases Productivity