With more than 77 million people in the US already regularly purchasing products and services through the Web and online sales expected to reach $107 billion in the next few years , companies must develop a Web presence today if they intend to stay competitive tomorrow. Aside from the e-commerce opportunities it provides, the Web is also the most timely and effective medium to communicate and share information internally -- with employees, suppliers of vendors – no matter where they’re located, in the same building or scattered across the globe.

Most companies realize the need to have their applications running on the web, but find it difficult to budget the time and resources to get it done. Using Z Web Portal, Zortec has made it simple for you to run existing applications on the Web with no source code changes. It’s plug and play interface easily transforms any application to a Web application that can be deployed anytime…anywhere…from corporate intranets or extranets to the Web.

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Deploy Z apps on Web without code changes

Provides instant Web presence

Quick pathway to e-commerce

Integrates with Java, Javascript & VBScript

Use with existing Web pages

Platform independent

Secure transaction processing