If software installation and configuration is a never-ending task, Z Thin Client is an ideal solution. Designed to provide a simple, cost-effective way to access and manage information, Z Thin Client is a host-based computing architecture that allows your applications and data to reside on a central server, while being deployed as a thin client across the enterprise.

This powerful, yet simple to configure, module eliminates software installation at the desktop, as well as the time-consuming task of configuring remote users. By reducing these redundant tasks, your IT staff can focus on important issues while your end-users gain access to current, updated systems wherever they may be…in the office, on the road or across the globe.

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Instantly Internet-enable Z applications

Remote deployment of applications

Self-installing & self-configuring

Provides server-centric installation

Advanced security features

Windows functionality for text-based programs

Field-by-field validation

Runs as an executable or ActiveX control

Support for local printing