Organizations must be able to react to change quickly in order to stay competitive. This means software teams must be able to deliver applications faster than ever. Zortec has been committed to the concepts of software productivity and portability for more than 20 years with our flagship product, System Z. Designed from inception to provide maximum programmer productivity and flexibility, System Z helps developers create mission critical business systems in record time.

This advanced software development and deployment environment features a high level programming language and Business Intelligence Compiler that allows developers to compile once and deploy anywhere.

As a System Z user, you can:

  • Reduce your code by up to 90%
  • Declare total data and O/S independence
  • Integrate your existing apps with new technologies….without rewriting your code
  • Become more productive within hours.

To download a pdf, click here.

Rapid Application Development

Extends life of legacy systems

Seamless integration with other technologies

Platform Independent

Database Independent


Unlimited Deployment Options

Increases productivity