While text-based systems are still common in many businesses, most end users now prefer a rich, graphical interface. As the demand grows for more modern looking, user-friendly applications, developers are faced with the decision of how best to accomplish the challenge. Aside from updating the look and feel, the ability to integrate with other technologies is a key factor to consider. While rewriting the software is always an option, it’s often a very painful, time consuming and expensive route to explore.

Zortec understands these challenges and offers a variety of ways to move your legacy applications from point A to point Z. System Z provides the tools needed to modernize all of your legacy applications and transition them to your choice of graphical user interface including Windows as well as web-based interfaces using our Web Portal and Thin Client products.

“We recently began a migration from an old HP-UX computer to our Windows 2000/XP networked environment. We were somewhat apprehensive about the move because of the age of our legacy applications but after talking with Zortec, we decided to make the move. We then installed the latest version of System Z on our Windows network and began testing. To our delight almost all of our original code moved over to Windows without a problem.”

Mark S. LaRosa
MIS Manager
R&R Manufacturing Co., Inc.

“I was faced with writing a Windows application that used animated touch screen features and utilized a multimedia point of sale tracking system. While I had written several Windows applications before, I had never developed a package using touch screens and wasn't sure how difficult the project would be. My customer and I both were amazed by how quickly I developed and deployed the application. As always it was a snap with System Z. “

Kyle Touchstone
Touchstone Systems , Texas