eAI Suite - eTXIntegrator

Automating your business processes is no longer enough to help keep a company competitive. It’s critical that all of your business functions – such as inventory, sales, marketing, finance, CRM or ERP – communicate with one another. Seamless integration of this information is essential to providing you with a comprehensive view of your business, your customers, and perhaps even your competitors.

The Z eAI Suite is a combination of technologies centered around the eTXIntegrator, a component-based integration toolset built entirely on XML standards. The eTXIntegrator is designed to solve virtually any system integration issue, regardless of complexity – from a simple data conversion, to real time synchronization of multiple data sources across an enterprise WAN.

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                      Screen Shot: eTXIntegrator's Transaction Manager

eTXIntegrator is a registered trademark of eTransX Incorporated

Real time integration for disparate systems

Integrates Oracle, SQL, DB2 & many more

Uses standards-based XML

Fast Implementation

Lower total cost of ownership

No programming involved

70 to 90% less cost than the competition