Zortec International and eTransX Announce Partnership
Targets Legacy Software Modernization and Integration Market

NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 2, 2004 - - - Nashville-based Zortec International, a leading provider of business

software development tools, has formed a strategic partnership with eTransX, a systems integration firm with

offices in Nashville and Houston. The new alliance will enable government agencies, healthcare providers, financial

institutions and other enterprises to reduce dramatically the costs of modernizing legacy information systems that

were developed using decades-old COBOL and other computer languages.

“This partnership allows us to meld our expertise in software development and productivity tools with eTransX’s

expertise in systems integration technologies,” said Shan Dixon, President of Zortec. “The end result is an expanded

product line designed to help enterprises meet the ever-growing challenges associated with integrating disparate

applications and the huge volumes of data associated with them.”

"The need for integration of these systems has simply exploded, as a result of the emergence of e-commerce and

Web-access to information stored in various legacy systems,” said P. Mohan, President/CEO of eTransX. “This

combined with ongoing pressure for companies to 'do more with less and do it fast', has raised the stakes even higher.”

“This technology allows us to provide a complete integration solution for organizations that need to share information

embedded in business applications, regardless of the type of application or type of database,” explained Keith Gibson,

Zortec’s Director of Business Development who initiated the partnership. “Our solution provides this at a fraction of the

cost and time associated with other integration products."

Recently, industry analysts estimated that as much as 85% of the world’s business systems are written in COBOL and

other legacy languages. These systems are very common in government, healthcare and financial institutions, each of

which requires transaction-based systems to support a large user base. Without the enterprise application integration

(EAI) tools now offered by Zortec/eTransX, modernizing these systems has often proven prohibitively expensive, just

when government and other institutions need better access to existing data than ever before.

Legacy Systems
Legacy information systems are computer systems or applications which typically represent years of organizational

operation and contain a vast amount of data and functions that are critical to day-to-day operations. An estimated 200

billion lines of legacy code is still in use today, yet according to a Hurwitz Group study, only about 10% of enterprises

have integrated their most mission-critical business processes.

About Zortec
Zortec International is a leading provider of rapid application development (RAD) solutions, providing powerful software

development, migration and reporting tools to thousands of organizations around the globe since 1984. Zortec’s flagship

product, System Z, is an advanced cross platform, database independent development environment designed to help

organizations significantly enhance programmer productivity, leverage their existing technologies and ultimately maximize

their IT investments.

About eTransX
eTransX, Inc. (eTransX) is a rapidly growing application integration software and services company providing comprehensive

integration solutions along with professional services in various IT areas. eTransX’ integration platform, the eTXIntegrator, is an

XML based, point-and-click, application integration solution that has been proven to be simple and affordable. The eTXIntegrator

reduces the complexity in application integration and enhances productivity and visibility of the data within an organization.

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Zortec International
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